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What we do

At Kernel Analytics we focus on the development of new technologies and algorithms that increase your company’s knowledge of its own business, helping you speed up your decision-making process in a reliable way. This approach draws on multiple disciplines, bringing together academic research, the flexibility of a specialized company and your own business needs.


Predictive analysis

Take your business to a new level. The systems we create at Kernel to detect patterns and events in your data help you discover when they happen and understand their causes. With this information, we design actionable strategies that impact the outcome of your business.


Data marketplace

Make the most out of your data. At Kernel we help you anonymize, clean, and handle your information so that it can be used by yourself or others. The combination of your own data and third-party information can provide your company a whole new vision of the market in which you operate.


Big Data

The latest techniques in data analysis open the door to a new universe of information. Analyzing massive data sets in real time can help you increase your knowledge of your business processes, allowing you to quickly respond to events. Kernel wants to offer you big data solutions specifically tailored to your needs.